A closure tale

a: speaking of closures, they messed it up
d: who? why
     not sure I follow
a: the name I mean, it’s misleading
d: you don’t like closures?
a: see closure wiki:

In programming languages, closures (also lexical closures or function closures) are a technique for implementing lexically scoped name binding in languages with first-class functions.

function startAt(x)
    function incrementBy(y)
        return x + y
    return incrementBy

a: this is a closure from a functional programming perspective
     while in Swift every anonymous function is called a closure
     surely you can use one to make a closure, but

The term closure is often mistakenly used to mean anonymous function.

d: ok, got it
a: sweet
d: for a broad idea thing they came up with a name that describes something more specific
     you know how it’s called?
     this figure of speach?
a: ?
d: a synecdoche
     Synecdoche, San Francisco